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Chinese Magician Li Yang

About Yang Li


Li Yang, the fourth generation Mu Genres inheritor of Chinese ancient color magic, is the youngest magician of Chinese ancient color magic and the most potential young magician. His representative works are Flying Snow, Pigeon and Parrot in Action, Basket Offering Color, Immortal Picking Beans, Treasures Fill the Hall, Ancient Melodies Blue and White etc.


Born in a magician's family, Li Yang studied Chinese classical magic with Ban Xiulan, a famous magic performer of North Genres, from 9 years old, performed onstage from 12 years old, won Excellence Award of Qingdao International Magic Festival in 2011 and attended CCTV’s I Want to Perform in China's New Year Gala and won championship of popularity king in 2013. For the past few years, he also attended television shows on CCTV, Beijing Television, Tianjin TV, Hunan Satellite TV, Shenzhen TV, etc.