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About Frank (Leon) Findley

Leon's Symphonette of Rings (a poem)

In a realm of wonder and mystic delight,

Magician Leon takes the stage, shining bright.

With nimble fingers and a captivating smile,

He weaves enchantment, turning moments worthwhile.

With a flourish, he unveils the linking rings,

Silent whispers of awe through the crowd, it brings.

Metal circles, separate and distinct,

But with a wave of his hand, a bond they instinct.

In his hands, a symphony of seamless connection,

As the rings interlock, defying perception.

An illusion so stunning, minds left in a haze,

As reality blurs in the magician's maze.

With each twist and turn, the rings come alive,

Defying logic, as they intertwine and strive.

A dance of metal, an intricate embrace,

Magician Leon guides with poise and grace.

Audiences gaze, wide-eyed and amazed,

As the impossible unfolds, leaving them dazed.

The linking rings, a symbol of unity's might,

As Leon's magic weaves wonder through the night.

Through his art, he conjures dreams to believe,

Inspiring hearts to question and perceive.

In the realm of illusions, Leon takes flight,

Captivating souls with pure delight.

So let us applaud, as he takes his final bow,

For Magician Leon, with his magic, wow.

In the world of wonder, he reigns supreme,

With the linking rings, a magical dream.


Years of Laughter and Astonishment

Leon has delighted audiences in the United States and United Kingdom for over three decades. Combining the classics of magic with humorous storytelling, he creates a unique experience which engages the mind while tickling the funny bone. His performances are both family friendly and business safe. Leon is known for the personal touches he brings to every event – whether it is a private party with a dozen guests or a club performance for hundreds.


Leon began publicly performing magic at the age of eleven when he teamed with his father, a famous professional Santa Claus. By the age of eighteen he had provided entertainment for over three hundred holiday parties including for virtually every major civic organization. His summers were equally busy entertaining at malls, restaurants, and birthday parties. He also worked at the local magic and novelty store, helping new people enter the magic hobby and seasoned magicians expand their acts.

Leon used his talent in magic to pay for his undergraduate and graduate education. And while magic is now a secondary occupation, it is no less a professional one. His regular stage appearances have only added to his love a magic; a love he shares with each and every audience member today.

Industry Recognition

Leon is a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and has been inducted into its Order of Merlin. He currently is secretary for the local IBM chapter, Ring 56 the Mystic I.K.I., a position where he chronicles the acts of his fellow magi.

Leon is also a magic innovator. Several of his inventions have been published in magician periodicals.