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Fun Magic Shows-VA By Lance Smith

Lance Smith, The Magician 9 Out of 10 Rabbits Prefer

About Lance Smith

One of Tidewater Virginia's busiest entertainers, Lance Smith has been delighting crowds with his Fun Magic Shows since 1973.

Why is he so popular? Perhaps because his shows perfectly combine professional props, lively scripting, and plenty of enthusiastic audience participation. Puppets, paper-tearing, balloons...a variety of specialities are blended skillfully together with magical results.

But the key ingredient in each Lance Smith performance is his empathy with the children in his audience. He knows kids, and loves them. Hearing their giggles, listening to their gasps of surprise, watching their eyes widen with awe -- such are the signals of success that inspire and encourage him to continue working at his craft.

Most importantly, Lance is aware that anyone who captures the interest and imagination of a child exerts a certain amount of influence. As a father and grandfather, he is aware of the responsibility this entails, and he uses his moments with the youngsters wisely. Important lessons are woven seamlessly into the act, so that children are learning in the midst of their laughter. At the same time, this showman's positive, upbeat attitude and the respect with which he treats youngsters cannot help but enhance their self-esteem.

Parents, as well as children, seem to recognize that Lance Smith is not your average, run-of-the-mill magician. From Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, to Hampton, Newport News, and Williamsburg, the warmth he communicates to audiences is returned, and his Fun Magic Shows are in demand.

Lance is Magic...Catch him if you can!

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