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Magic Of Kingman

The Magic of Kingman

About Kerry LeBlanc

I began my pursuit of magic when I was just seven years old.  It took hold of me when my father showed me a trick where four nickels were transformed into four dimes.  I continued  to  go after the elusive art of illusion for several more years.  I had been bitten by the magic bug.  Little did I know that, although it lay dormant for many years, I would carry the love of magic with me always.

  Taking a short hiatus that lasted until my Honorable discharge from the US Navy.  My interest was rekindled after seeing a magician named Ricky Jay.  At that moment I realized what it was that I needed to do.

  Since that time, not a day has gone by where I was without a simple deck of playing cards.  My performances include; expert card handling, card-sharps and gambling demonstrations and mystical manipulations that defy explanation.