Kelvin YS Chun
MagiKel MagiChun - Honolulu, Hawaii

picture Kelvin was a 2005 International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Gold Medal Finalist in the Stage Competition in Reno, Nevada, and a 2005 Society of American Magicians (SAM) Finalist in the Close-Up Competition in Boston. Kelvin placed 1st in stage magic at the Texas Association of Magician's (TAOM) 2003 Convention, and also the Pacific Coast Association of Magician's (PCAM) 2000 Convention.

He also placed 2nd in the PCAM 2003 Balloon Olympics and the PCAM 98' Children's Entertainer competition.

See his balloon creations and awards. Kelvin performed all over the world.

Kelvin has performed and presented at numerous conventions and conferences and provided staff development workshops and courses in the field of mathematics, magic, balloons, kites, and emerging technologies and their impact on learning at all ages. He is a pioneer in helping educators create learning environments designed to support educational technology and adapt to the changes in curriculum, assessment, and professional development that will follow.

Kelvin's performances, hands-on workshops, and conference presentations, are known for being thoughtful and practical.

Performs advanced balloon sculpturing and stage and walk around magic for parties, schools, restaurants, weddings and conventions. Live birds & rabbit .... Cartoon / multiple balloon sculptures

Performs kite engineering workshops and lectures for schools, community, conventions and online.
Kelvin Chun is an award winning teacher, magician, balloon artist and kite enthusiast. Kelvin has over 50 years of kite making and flying experience and has competed in local, national and international competitions.

He is the only kite maker in Hawaii who has accomplished so many awards and is recognized internationally for his lecturing abilities. Kelvin has over 30 years experience as an educator teaching students from grades kindergarten - adult. He has the experience to communicate effectively with people of all ages and also be a life-long learner. Kelvin has taught the art of kite making and flying to his students.

His focus on the dynamic real world applications of mathematics, magic, kite making, balloon artistry, modern technology and communication media, project-based learning, 21st century collaborative skills, and educational software has situated him to be a popular choice as a performer, keynote speaker and workshop leader for events, parties, meetings, and conferences.

Throwing a birthday party, company party, or even a wedding - every show is tailored to the client's individual needs. Kelvin performs with eclectus parrots, and beautiful white doves.

It can serve as a wonderful start to a convention or dinner entertainment for a banquet.

Whether appearing in public or private settings, Kelvin offers the same high standards of professionalism and unique entertainment that mesmerizes people of all ages and backgrounds.

Kelvin was also a featured lecturer/performer at the 29th New Zealand International Magicians Convention in Auckland, New Zealand (2008), International Fellowship of Christian Magician's Convention 2008, SAM 2007 Dallas, Texas Convention, Japan Cup 2004, Hong Kong International Magic 2003 Convention, Hong Kong International Magic Convention 2002, Fellowship of Christian Magicians Convention 2001-2004, Columbus Magi-Fest Convention 2002, and TAOM 2002.

Kelvin also performed and been a dealer at those conventions and others IBM 2009-2010, FCM 2010, the 29th New Zealand International Magicians Convention in Auckland, New Zealand (2008), including the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) 2007 and 2005, Society of American Magicians (SAM) 2007 and 2004, TAOM 1999/ 2001-2005, Pacific Coast Association of Magician's Convention 2000, Japan SAM 2001 Convention, Canada Association of Magician's Convention 2001, and Florida's Magic on the Beach Convention (MOB) 2000/2002.