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Artist - Photographer - Magician - Mom

About Kathy Kalagias

Artist/photographer/magician/mom. Seeking out beauty & magic in all. Kathy is the Communications Director for a local country club. When she is not working, she is also an artist, photographer, assistant to Jeffrey Day, and mom to two daughters. She has been a member of the IBM since August 2015. In 2015 she became the assistant to magician Jeffrey Day. In January 2019, Kathy became the Secretary of IBM Ring 16 - Society of Memphis Magicians. Kathy created the websites for Jeffrey Day Magic, and the new IBM Ring 16 Website. Kathy wrote an article on Jeffrey Day for Vanish Magazine (Edition 54 - January 2019) which also featured many of the photographs she has shot of him. In addition to photography, Kathy is an artist who draws, and paints. She has done full wall murals and has done some work with the Vesta Home Show with other artists. Kathy hopes to illustrate and/or do photography for magic books someday.