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Josh Clarke - Magician

Blurring the line between reality and illusion.

About Josh Clarke

Josh Clarke is a close-up magician from Portland, Oregon and he has been performing for 20 years. In those 20 years he has honed and perfected his craft. What began as a child's hobby, has blossomed in to a full-fledged professional career.

Josh has had the privilege of performing for a multitude of individuals and professional clients. In addition to performing for various businesses and companies in Oregon, Josh has traveled all over The United States performing for birthdays and wedding receptions. Josh has also provided entertainment for multiple casinos and has even performed for The United States Postal Service at their Christmas parties.

All of Josh's performances are filled with astonishment, amazement and wonder. Utilizing cards, coins and everything in between, Josh makes every moment a truly magical one.

In addition to performing at private events, Josh has donated countless hours to performing for many charities. He has performed for charities that benefit children burn victims, women victims of abuse and breast cancer patients.

Always looking forward to the future, Josh continues to create mind-blowing illusions and incorporate them into his performances.

Josh would love to perform for you, your friends and your co-workers. Contact Josh to witness the wonder of the art known as magic.