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John Sturk AIMC

Chicago's Most Wanted

About John Sturk

John Sturk is an award-winning comedy magician from Chicago, IL. John has worked close-up and stand-up engagements all over the Midwest, making him a favorite choice for family shows, restaurants, and theaters of any size.

Since 2010, John branched into the improv comedy realm, and now enjoys regular work as one of the most in-demand improv pianists in Chicago. He can be seen regularly performing at both Comedysportz Chicago and the iO Theater, and teaches improv at The Second City Training Center.


John served as National President of The Society of American Magicians from 2023-2024.

"John Sturk has had our audience in the palm of his hand every time we book him. If you're looking for a hilarious magician who is a great guy to work and play with, John Sturk is the first man I'd call." -Brian Wohl, Co-owner and VP of Live Entertainment, Octavarius, LLC 

"John is a real magician." -Greg Bordner, Abbott Magic Company, Colon, Mich.

"We believe great performers are born, not made.  You can either work a crowd or you can't. No amount of practice or repetition will change a stiff into a truly great performer. Mr. Sturk is a born performer." -Tim Quinlan, Editor, InsideMagic.com

"John Sturk is simply a cut above."  -Derek Wallbank, Lansing State Journal