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Got my first Adams Magic Set for Christmas around 1970, and had fun playing with it for a while. In 1973, Bill Bixby's "The Magician" television show debuted in the U.S., and the magic bug officially became a part of my life. I originally joined the IBM about 1976, and went to the annual convention in Washington, DC. in 1977. I performed regularly through Junior High and High School, and periodically since. I began performing escapes as a part of my act while in High School, and have performed a suspended straitjacket escape hanging from anything from a fire escape to a high-dive board. I enjoyed magic from the beginning until the present, but only have the opportunity to perform occasionally. I still stay connected to the art, and enjoy studying the subject and it's history. I have had the honor of being the model for a comic book character Jack Magic, created by long-time pal Matt Pak- the photo above is the cover from the first issue (the link above will take you to the site where you can learn all about the magician-superhero. I appreciate the continuing association with other members of the magic community, especially through the IBM.