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Joe Caffall

Magical Entertainer

About Joe Caffall

Thank you for visiting my International Brotherhood of Magicians website. Please be patient while I continue to develop the pages. I have been studying and performing magic for over thirty years. Most often, my performances are for groups of children and their families. These shows include color and surprise for preschoolers; a bit more mystery for older children, teens, and adults; and laughter, amazement, and fun for all. In my shows, everyday objects behave in uncommon ways. Audiences experience the impossible when familiar things like ropes, balloons, and playing cards act so strangely they won't believe their eyes. Lots of audience participation adds to the fun and excitement. This kind of show works well for programs where there are children of different ages together with parents and even grandparents, such as at libraries and festivals. My shows can be customized for particular themes or events, or to make a special person the highlight of the show. I am quite comfortable performing for larger crowds. I have performed on outdoor stages at festivals and in school and church auditoriums. I also perform close-up walk-around magic to entertain people in situations like party groups, waiting to be served in restaurants, or waiting in lines (buffet lines, Santa lines, etc.), as well as close-up table magic for small groups. Here I am at a library in San Jose, CA, magically making stamps from around the world stick themselves into a blank stamp album.