The Magic of Jim Poage
Entertaining Magic ~ Employee Training

The book "Mystery By Association" by Kenton Knepper has just been released, and Jim is a contributor to this informative magician's tool that explains the importance and the nuances of association and performance.

Kenton Knepper is presently filming a series of magic training DVDs. Currently in editing is Kenton's adaptation of one of Jim's card tricks "Modern Gemini Twins"

January 2007 - Jim has once again donated DVDs of one of his signature card tricks to the kid's class at Magic in the Rockies. This year he teaches his popular card effect "Modern Gemini Twins." Previously, he has donated DVDs explaining his card packet trick "All That And A Bag of Chips" as well as including the necessary props to perform the trick.

October 18, 2007 - The wait is over! Kenton has released a DVD series that Jim plays a major role in. Kenton credits Jim on his DVD with having played a part in helping to create the effect "Blank!". On both "PSYcolor Change" and "Mental Influence", Jim plays the part of spectator and is truly amazed by both of these effects. Well worth the price and guaranteed to baffle you.