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The Artist is nothing without the gift, The gift is nothing without the work.

About James Shubert


A Philly native, Growing up as the son of a Philadelphia Detective wasn’t easy for Jimmy. He says, “ It was like having Lieutenant Colombo as a room mate , most of my childhood was an interrogation scene from Law & Order ” Jimmy and his band of six brothers were always getting into trouble and being the middle child to 6 brothers, Jimmy learned at an early age that a sense of humor could get him through any situation. His unique ability to see the humor in social trends and deliver his poignant and hilarious point of view on world issues has made Shubert one of the most respected and busiest comedians working today.

His full contact comedy has led him to headlining Comedy Store and Improv in Hollywood, as well as the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas , to his own stand-up special on Comedy Central, with five years on “King of Queens” and several appearances on “Entourage” for good measure.

Since his early start at the World famous Comedy Store, and later as an original member of “The Outlaws of Comedy” that toured with the late Sam Kinison. Shubert toured with Kinison for five years, playing casinos in Las Vegas and other venues like the Universal Amphitheater in front of audiences as large as 6,500 people. Since then Jimmy Shubert has become a nationally touring headliner, in addition to three comedy CDs, Jimmy has his own half-hour comedy special for Comedy Central as well as an hour-long special he produced, called “Alive N’ Kickin”,” which was named in the Top Ten Best Stand Up comedy DVD’s in Nov, 2010 by Punchline Magazine.

“Alive N’ Kickin’” is a theatrical presentation of Shubert’s stand-up persona of a blue collar working man’s man. He combines the outlook of a modern-day Archie Bunker with an utterly real world sensibility to create signature bits on Starbucks, airport security, relationships and the dumbing down of America. –  soon to be seen on a premium cable network in 2013.  

In television, He’s played everything from a prison guard in a hostage crisis to a murder victim on “Monk.” His other TV credits include “Off Their Rockers” “2 Broke girls” “Just Shoot Me,” “Heist,” “The Loop,” “ER,” “Reno 911,” “Rude Awakenings,” “Angel,”  “Lucky,” “New Car Smell,” “Sonny with a chance” and “Youth In Revolt.”  He most recently appeared on Disney’s hit show “Zeke and Luther” as Bobby Dicey”-World’s Greatest Daredevil.

In film, He’s worked with such marquee names as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), Charlize Theron (The Italian Job), Katie Holmes (GO), Robin Williams ( One Hour Photo),  Jimmy recently completed two films; “Wedding Jimmy” & “Uncle Melvin’s Apartment” which just won best screenplay at the Hoboken Film Festival in  2011, and is currently making rounds on the festival circuit. Jimmy also starred in “Cut Off,” a film starring Faye Dunaway and Malcolm McDowell.

A veteran of live performance, Jimmy has performed all over the United States, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, The Bahamas, China and South Korea and in 2009, he performed for the troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan as part of the “America Supports You” program for the Defense Department and Armed Forces Entertainment with Drew Carey.

Jimmy’s comedy routine is usually performed with an observational point of view, in comedic short-story form, and typically focuses on poking fun at pop culture. As AllMusic.com put it, “His confidence and lucid delivery enhances his humor, making even his most perverse moments hilarious.”


Jimmy currently resides in Los Angeles.