Tacky the Clown & Professor Snape Wizard

picture You are an extremely talented, and dedicated actor, and I would love to work with you in the future, if you are willing and able.
You are amazing, I consider myself very lucky to have picked you to entertain at my son's birthday.
Morning Jeff. Paula and I really wanted to thank you from bottom of our hearts. U did great fabulous jobs. I can see all the kids enjoyed every moment. Even my family and friends enjoyed a lot. When u left, they all never stop talking abut the show. I thought it was also worthy to get ASL interpreter. Really help the deaf to understand. We all will never forget this special day. Thank u and great job. I will pass this along to anyone who is looking for magician. Big thumbs up Jeff !!!
'I thank you personally for doing magic for my daughter, people ignore her when they see she has CP'
'When Bobby canceled on us & others at the last minute, we want to thank you for rearranging your schedule to fit us in. You will be recommended in future, not him.'
"highlight of the day" Toronto Star, "thank you for saving my party: I've seen all the local guys, and you are the best: you have been given a wonderful gift, look after it: you are using more powerful words than the other guys aren't you?""thank you so much, the show was awesome, kids and adults are still talking about it"
"Jeff quickly develops a rapport with his audience: seldom do suppliers go the extra mile like you did to accommodate us, we are recommending you to everyone"
We, the Business class of Port Perry High School, thank you. The children thoroughly enjoyed the shows you were able to put on for them.
"Shoot, you're the real thing" 'A quick note to thank you again for making Daniel’s birthday party a huge success. Everybody had a great time. I loved your approach, your pacing and your tricks. Regardless of how many times I may have seen certain tricks, I still have no idea how they are done and enjoy seeing them every time (when they are performed well!) Thanks again for adding so much laughter and amusement to our home.We are all excited for you to return to our home again this year. When everyone saw that we were having a clown/magic show the first thing we were asked was "Is it the same guy from last year, he was AWESOME !!".
On behalf of Autism Ontario, we would like to thank you for entertaining the children, and for your contribution to the overall success of this event.
Thanks for a great show for Alexander's birthday. His friends are still talking about it. The dove and bunny were just the icing on the cake. I couldn't figure out your tricks. You were very patient with the kids and had a great rapport.
You were at my daughter's birthday party on Sunday and I just had to thank you again for the show! Her teacher told me that the kids from her class REALLY enjoyed the show and have been talking about it for days. Caitlin especially liked the never-ending magic wands. And as a parent, I'm so glad that you helped make our party such a great success!
Let me shake your hand Jeff, you were brilliant, you have a real talent.
June 2010I just got a call from Carl and he wanted to let me know that the show was a great hit.� The kids just loved what you did and Carl felt your magic was very appropriate for the group.
I wanted to say thank you very much, I wish I could have been there myself.� The staff had asked for your contact information so I have forwarded them your website link.
Again, thanks for helping make the yearend party for these awesome kids a success.
Re: she's the mayor: The series starts airing on March 4th, 2011,thanks again for your help,you were awesome! � The magic turned out great and the bird was a wonderful performer as well, Sudz
I hope you do what you do for good not for evil.