Tacky the Clown & Professor Snape Wizard

picture Various shows are available, typical show is from 30 to 45 mins duration, interactive, involves child helpers , at birthdays, one makes a card for the birthday child, cooks a magic donut, sing Happy Birthday, make something to eat for the rest of the children, the show is packed with magic, including at least 1 live rabbit - children are permitted to pet the rabbit. This show receives rave reviews and has been called the best in the area on many occasions. Many adults have seen the “grown-up, slightly naughty” version at birthdays, stags, anniversaries, weddings, conventions, etc. Stage shows run as long as required. Shows can be themed where appropriate, as at North Waterloo Hydro show for environment at end of Canada Environment week.

The show is given as a magician, a clown, or wizard. Optional costumes include the classic tuxedo/tails in black or white. Of particular interest is Professor Snape the wizard. Peak periods like Xmas may carry a premium. Seasonal themes are sometimes available, Easter, Halloween(Dracula, Frankenstein), Xmas. Shows can be tailored. A 50% deposit is expected on booking, non refundable in the event of cancellation. As an alternative or even addition to shows, Jeff does strolling magic, (carnivals, cocktails, dinners), balloon sculpting, table-hopping, and also has a tremendous Santa outfit.