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Jamie Petrush

About Jamie Petrush

 Jamie has been doing magic for over 20 years! He opened Magic Man Industries and started performing professionally over thirteen years ago. He has performed coast to coast in front of tens of thousands of people, including his own show in Las Vegas NV. Just a quick glance at Jamie’s entertainment portfolio and you can tell he is a sought after performer that will never slow down!

Jamie has been fortunate to be able to study with world famous magicians such as Geoffrey Hansen, Dale Salwak, Banachek, Michael Ammar, Darren Romeo, Jeff Hobson, Kostya Kimlat and many other world renown professional magicians.

Mr. Petrush is a proud graduate of the world-famous school of magic, the Chavez Studio of Magic. This school has instructed a large amount of world-famous magicians from over the years including David Copperfield!