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Jack Greenberg ... Sorcerer

It's STILL fun to be fooled!

About Jack Greenberg

I.B.M. Past International President (Presidential term of 2000 - 2001)

Received Gilbert Magic Set on March 28, 1930, on ninth birthday.  Never stopped doing magic since.

Continuous membership in I.B.M. since 1945, Order of Merlin Excelsior, now for 75 years plus.

Founded the I.B.M Order of Merlin Committee in2004, and chaired it for its first seven years.

Now have attended more I.B.M. International Conventions than any other person, living or dead.

Served as I.B.M. Convention Chairman/Co-Chair, Site Chairman, many times since 1947.

Continuous membership in Pittsburgh's I.B.M. Ring #13 since 1945, now for 75 years plus.

Served seven terms as I.B.M. Ring #13 President, and was made Honorary Life Member of that Ring.

Maintained active pursuit of magical activity as performer, historian, librarian, consultant, lecturer. 

Called to Membership of London's Inner Magic Circle (MIMC with Gold Star).

Member of I.B.M. British Ring #25, and regular attendee at British Ring Conventions.

Made honorary Life Member of the Academy of Magical Arts (including Hollywood's Magic Castle).

Made honorary Life Member of Society of American Magicians Beaver Pa. Assembly.

Honorary life member of several other regional and local magical societies.