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Ivox Magic

Entertaining variety shows, shows for private and business celebrations.

About Ivaylo Rangelov

Considered by many to be the best - Ivox Magic will take you to new levels of magic art. Through a combination of modern technology and the illusion they present the magic of tomorrow, today. "Top - best performance I've seen" - Astor "A unique number of pigeons shot Ivo and Petya magic of Olympus - News Panorama "Very good. With his art around the world and enjoyed by people" - Nicky Aprilov "A unique show in the world and watch them feel like a child" - Slavi Trifonov - Slavi Show "He is my best magical friend" - Erdinch Demira Winners of numerous national and international first prizes, Ivox Magic consolidate its name to the artistic scene in Bulgaria with a sentence prize "Golden Icarus - 2009 - the biggest national award for Variety Arts. The award of the Union of Actors in Bulgaria and is awarded annually to the glamorous ceremony of the International Theatre Day on March 27.