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Incredible Rohit - The Wizard Of The East (Magic Lover, Close-up Magician, Table Hopping Artist, Intimate Magician)

Magic is all around you ... you just have to believe

About Rohit Khubchandani

Incredible Rohit In his own words - In my entire Magic Career, right from the time I started demonstrating "Magic" at Sparkle Novelties in Mumbai, India, I always had a passion for Close-up Magic. So I got inclined to work more on it. Adding my own personal touch to it. 


I personally feel that Close-up Magic is one of the most beautiful kinds of magic and if done naturally with a  little bit of personal touch it can knock your audience down. Truly magic today has become a seamless part of me and has given me the opportunity to entertain people I had only dreamt of, it has given me a chance to share tables with celebrities and go all over.

But perhaps the philosophy of my success as it is "To be swift is less than to be wise".  The success of a trick does not depend on the cleverness of its secret it depends on the cleverness of its performer.


Rohit's Magic Journey

Hailing from an upper middle class family Rohit grew up in Bandra West and attended Catholic School Sacred Heart Boys High School, Santacruz West, Mumbai. During his higher school days Rohit got bitten by the Magic Bug and was an extremely active part of the magic circle in India. 

1992 - 2002 : Rohits Magic career was at peak at this point of time he had relocated to Bangalore, India the Garden City of India. better known as Incredible Rohit - he traveled across the country and performed several hundred stage and cabrate style shows later specialising in close up style table hopping magic.  He was a key contributor in organising the first ever International Magic Festival in India in May 2007 at Bangalore - THE GARDEN CITY FESTIVAL OF MAGIC organised by the Magic Academy Bangalorealongside industry veteran magician K.S. Ramesh.  

Rohit has immensely contributed to the Indian Magic Fraternity and also wrote his own book for Magicians only avidly titled as Magic Moments published by Electro Fun, Kolkata, India. Today Rohit is no longer an active performer however he still continues his passion for magic and continues to entertain his friends and family with his magical treats and remain a truly dedicated Magic Lover