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Skip Way

About Roger Way

Roger Way is a forty-plus year veteran of magic and comedy. He has performed on adult and family circuits across the United States and Europe.

His entire career in magic has focused on family and children's entertainment. His 22-year career as an active Air Force Security Policeman and criminal investigator allowed him to form and lead Law Enforcement Explorer and Youth Magic clubs in Athens (GR), Aviano and Cagliari (IT), and Kaiserslautern (GE).  He formed similar clubs in Great Falls (MT), Hampton, Williamsburg, & Newport News (VA), and his current home Raleigh (NC). 

In 2001, he began performing stand-up comedy as part of Raleigh's Stand-Up Underground Comedy Troupe. It was here that Roger picked up the entertainment nickname of "Skip." The troupe had three comedians named Roger. In an effort to stand out, one chose to go with Roger, the second chose Rog, leaving the remaining member with "Skip." 

Roger continues to perform across the Southeastern states as Happy Dan the Magic Man, a beloved throwback to 1960's children's television show hosts like Captain Kangaroo and Mister Rogers. He credits Cleveland television veteran Linn Sheldon as his primary role model. Mr. Sheldon portrayed a kidshow host named Barnaby on Cleveland television from 1957 to 1990. 

He chose this character for his school, fair, and private markets out of a concern for the lack of positive flesh-&-blood role models for today's children. His zany magician-in-trouble character empowers his young fans with a sense of their inner magic and daily accomplishments. To many, he is a valued member of their families.

Roger serves the magic community as a supporting member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He serves as North Carolina's Territorial Vice President. He is also an active member of the Lee-Snavely Ring #199 located in Raleigh.

Roger is an active member of KIDabra International and the Society of American Magicians. He writes regular columns and feature articles for the KIDabra Journal and The Linking Ring.