High-Tech Magic
If it's weird, if it's wonderful, if it's just plain neat, High-Tech Magic may have it!!!

picture A little about Bill . . .

Bill has been interested in magic ever since his childhood but didn't know any other magicians to fraternize with. He became a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and Ring 58 in 1989. He is a "Flashy Performer".

Bill is a Chemical Engineer working with Parsons Corporation. He has worked on several environmental projects connected with the Oak Ridge Operations. He is working at the Blue Grass Army Depot, located in Richmond, KY. He is part of the team to destroy our nation's stockpile of chemical warfare agents including mustard and nerve agents. He has an interest in electronics and an inventive mind which have yielded some unique props. Bill's interest in neon signs spilled over to the magic community with some special effects including a StarWars type Light Sabre using a battery operated neon circuit. He's built numerous Tesla coils including one where the spark can play music! He's also working on a dancing flickering flame flame using a special bulb and special battery operated circuitry. Contact him for details.

Bill is married to his lovely wife and assistant, Kimberly, and lives with her in Clinton, TN. His Anverdi collection is growing. Check out his business, High-Tech Magic, now on the world wide web.

Bill does shows but his busy schedule leaves little time for performing. He has consulted with other magicians to provide special and unusual effects.