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Alan Goodheart- Aka The Great Aldoni & Reverend Al

Magician, Entertainer, & Spiritual Leader

About Alan Goodheart

It's never too late to reserve magic for your special events - CALL OR EMAIL NOW! Alan Goodheart ("The Great Aldoni") has been entertaining children and adults for over 12 years. His unique style blending magic and comedy has brought joy to thousands of all ages! Aldoni performs for birthdays, dinner and private parties, outdoor family events, walk around, and allows the audience to participate in the moment. He can customize his shows to your event. Kids LOVE balloons! And The Great Aldoni can add laughter and color to your party or social event with balloon animals, flowers, wristbands, and funny hats! Give Alan Goodheart a call to reserve your date today at 913-648-0331!