Silver Cat Magic
Paul "Silver" Bokulich, Magic Demonstrator

picture Paul is a certified magician. At any rate he has a certificate.

Anachronistically, Paul Bokulich started out shinning shoes. This showed his taste for the unusual early on, as shining shoes is something few people do these days, and also showed his liking of old-fashioned things. Clients would get their shoes back three times shinier than when they gave them. Now it is the clients Bokulich strives to brighten.
Paul has been into magic since he was around ten years old, and his love for it has never died.
He can do a variety of legerdemain, from close-up to strolling to parlor. Paul is competent in card, rope, ring, coin, and impromptu magic, and has a sometimes lively, sometimes soft, open style of presentation.

"I don't preform magic, so much as transmit it, and witness it with the spectator. I am the Demonstrator, but we share the experience. I am also here to see magic happen." -Silver