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Master of the Macabre

About Don Deich

 I blend Gothic literature and horror on the stage in a haunting experience, a ghost story come to life.
Magic with an Addams Family Flair.
I started magic in 1987 after working in the Haunted Attraction industry, I met Jeff McBride and was part of Mystery School all the years it was in NY.  I then moved to Ma where I performed every October in Salem, Ma, for over 10 yrs.
I then moved to Nc where I Co founded The East Coast Spisit Sessions in Myrtle Beach,SC (an Unconventional Convention of Bizarre and Seance Magic.)  after about 4 years helped Co Found Poe's Magic Conference in Baltimore ,Md with Vince Wilson and Bradley Barefoot.

I created the style I call Gothic Magic at The First Mystery school as (the term Bizarre magic didn't work for me) I leaned more on Horror films, Gothic literature, legends, lore and haunted history, so the imagery of a sorceror or Miskatonic university professor wasn't for me.