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About Gogo Requiem

Gogo Requiem,born as Georgi Gavrovski is a professional magician born in Zagreb,Croatia on 16.03.1975,who lives in Skopje,Macedonia.

His main categories in magic are close up and mentalism combined with bizzare stories.
The magicians who influenced him are Eugene Burger,Tony Andruzzi,Banachek,Annemann,Richard Osterlind,Aldo Colombini,Jay Sankey and David Blaine.

In 2011 Gogo Requiem with other magicians from Macedonia (Goran Mitrevski,Dushan Petkovski,Aleksandar Djordjevik & Filip Petreski) creates NMAM-new macedonian association of magicians.
From 2011-2014 he is a President of NMAM-new macedonian association of magicians and on 28.01.2014 he transforms NMAM into a new organisation.
In 2011 in Belgrade,Serbia,on Balkan magic convention he won 2nd place in close up magic and in 2013 again on Balkan magic convention in Sofia,Bulgaria, he won 1st place in mentalism and a prestige award for "Best performance and showmanship".
In 2012 he started his own Tv Show "Abracadabra with Mr.Gogo".
At the end of 2013 he was elected for scholarship at Jeff McBride's "Magic mystery school" in Las Vegas,NV.

In november 2015 he was invited by the Magic circle members from London to visit them and also he was one of the three members who had permission to meet Derren Brown.

In november 2015 he also won the 2nd place in close up competition which was held in Maribor,Slovenia.

 In 2017, january-april he was a consultant for 2 theatrical plays for children where the actors were trained to do magic effects in their shows.

May,2017 Gogo starts to work as a consultant and coordinator for Kollywood(Tamil cinema) production movie with the most famous Tamil actor Joseph Vijay.

The part of the movie was recorded in Macedonia.

2018 and 2019 a lot of shows in Macedonia and Europe. Also from the 2015 Gogo is a part of the International jury at the "Golden cat" magic convention in Gabrovo,Bulgaria. 2019,March,he had a huge honor to be on the same stage and to perform along with Michael Ammar at the gala show in Gabrovo.

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