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About Martin Chapman

JUGGLING, MAGIC & GAMES FOR CHILDREN. Who am I? My name is Martin. I'm married with two daughters and have lived and worked in York for 21 years. I took up juggling as a hobby about 20 years ago and was quickly hooked. To start with, and for some time, my family was my only audience. Gradually, friends were included and when they'd all had as much as they could take of club-throwing, plate-spinning, box-shuffling and the rest, I went public. As well as parties I've done fetes, schools, various workshops, charity events, corporate,weddings and christenings. My interest in magic goes back further. I've been acquiring, practising and trying to work out tricks and puzzles since I was a teenager. They are an endless source of fascination to me and I try to communicate my own enthusiasm to my audience. What I do THE MAGIC Various illusions, trickery and visual jokes, from the simple to the spectacular, including: Rope magic Puppet magic Small illusions Levitation Funny magic THE JUGGLING Spinning plates Shuffling boxes Juggling with: balls, clubs, knives & torches* Fire-eating* * Suitable for outdoor events only All events are individually catered for according to ages, numbers and venue. The act usually lasts about an hour, but this is flexible. As performance arts, juggling and magic seem to form a natural pair, and can easily provide an hour of fast-moving fun. However, if you wish to include some of the more traditional party games, this can be accommodated; the proportion of magic to juggling to games will depend on organisers' preferences. Because each group of children is different, the act is never the same twice, but whatever the routines used, there will be a good balance between hands-on audience participation and quieter stuff for children just to watch and be amazed by. So whether it's a birthday or any other special occasion, give me a ring on: 01904 613206 and we can have a chat.