Imagine! Magic Productions
Gene Hernandez Magician & Master Balloon Artist


Gene’s balloon work is really something to see. He can entertain adults as well as children with the variety of balloon sculptures he can create. It has also been said that he is one of the fastest balloon artists in Kansas City.
Gene not only creates unique sculptures, but gets everyone involved in the making of the balloon creations as he is twisting them. The little boys enjoy being dressed up like a pirate, or being made up to go fishing with a pole (and a fish on the line!) The little girls love being dressed up like a princess, or walking around with a pretty umbrella twirling above their heads.
Be sure to have your cameras with you, because this is one of those moments you will want to capture for your family album. As for the adults, the ladies say “Ahh!” when they receive the two lovebirds entwined in a heart. The men get excited when they get their own Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Yes---Balloon art can be fun for ALL ages!