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Gary C Collins

Illusions of Grandeur

About Gary Collins

Gary and Wendy Collins have traveled full-time in evangelism for over 30 years. Their program of evangelistic meetings is called Total Church Evangelism. In their program they used Gospel magic, Swiss cowbells, ventriloquism, dramatic readings and dramatic sermons. Their program of magic and Illusions is called "Illusions of Grandeur." In this program they use magic tricks to illustrate Biblical principles. They have found that it is very easy to invite the unchurched people to come to the meetings. They do the illusions to make it easy for people to invite their friends to come to the meetings. Instead of inviting their friends to come to church, they can say things like, "Come see the magician, lock his wife in a box, and cut her into three pieces." In other words it is not a normal church service. It's fun. Pastors have pointed out people in the audience and said that, this was the first time they had ever seen that person in church. So this is a great program to have in your church to bring in people from your community. The Collins are available to come to your church. Call today to schedule an exciting service.