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About Flavio Cimardi


Because my attitude and my ability, my magic and illusion is better suitable for an audience of age more than 12 years. because I do special effects with small illusions and mentalism (Believe to see things that are not possible and bidirectional mental communication).

My magic is suitable for any kind of event, corporate, private, and so on, especially for shows to be seated at a table or standing in the crowd. Excellent chance with limited groups of people sitting around of a table. Somebody defines this situation as "Live direct magic".

So I'm really close to the people , talking directly with them, always with great kindness and good education , and always without ever putting in difficult conditions . My magic is non-partisan, apolitical, non-denominational, and does not include discrimination of sex, race, language, nationality, religion, political ideology.

Like any magician I was born in mystery , it is assumed to be a few hundred years ago, perhaps more than a thousand years. I was probably born in a small village in Northern Bavaria, and now I'm here, near the province of Monza and Brianza. It is said that I arrived in the year 591 with Theodolinda the queen of the Lombards (Theodelindae Reginae ), who wanted me as a personal adviser for my extraordinary power.
It seems my original name was Agiflavius, but I becamed Magicus Cardui, because during my arrival in Monza, passing through a path surrounded by Card flowers (Cardui would be the plural of Carduus - Cardo), all the flowers were turned in my direction following my walking path, due to the magical energy that accompanied me. Over the years my name will adapt itself to the times and customs, becoming at first Flavius Cardui and transforming in today as Flavio Cardi .

The initial period was not the most simple for magic, it was full of charlatans, who by using great techniques performed gestures defined miracles and the population was hypnotized by that. The phenomenon was so heavy that the Catholic Church issued the following:
"Whoever believes that the devil, because he has done certain things in the world, can also produce thunder, lightning, storms and drought, as Priscillian teaches is excommunicated" (Council of Braga, 563 AD). The fortune of being a counselor to Queen Teodolinda and the lack of meteorological acts, preserved me from any thought not considered pleasant and I managed to remain in my position without suspicion or interference.

Fortunately, not working with alchemy and not writing the texts, I did not even have any problems with Albert Magno of Bollstaedt also known as Albert the Great or Albert of Cologne (Lauingen, 1206 - Cologne, November 15, 1280). "The alchemist will be discreet and silent; it will not reveal to any results of its operations. He will live far from men, in an isolated house in which he will have one or two rooms, exclusively for his operations. He will choose the timing of his operations. He will be patient, assiduous and persevering. [...] Finally, it will avoid having any relationship with princes and lords ".

Life was not easy, however, but the thirteenth century led me to acquire and perfect my techniques, being able to stay well away from dangerous situations. It was an intricate period between magic and sorcery, but I always managed to stay in contact with the real magic, removing every form of doubt of witchcraft and heresy.
In 1486 we no longer speak only of heresy or maleficum, but in the Malleus maleficarum, text that soon became the manual of the inquisitors, witchcraft also appears: "We prescribe and order, ask in the form of order and enjoin the following ... about twelve days from today [...] to be revealed to us if someone has known, seen or heard of the existence of a heretic or witchcraft, for rumor or suspicion, especially if it is about people who practice things such as to harm the men, the animals or the fruits of the earth and which can hide damage to the govern [...] if he will not obey [...] know that he will be pierced by the sword of excommunication [...] The judge will add the temporal punishments ... »(Malleus maleficarum, Part III, Question I, 1486).

Fortunately, the humanist and philosopher Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494) came to my support, even succeeding in removing magic from astrology (and even more astrology from astronomy). "Magic studies the bond of the universe that the Greeks call sympathy, which deepens the understanding of the essence of things and brings out occult miracles from the womb of the earth. Just as the farmer unites the vine to the elm, so he who cultivates the magical art, unites the earth to the sky and connects the inferior world with the forces of the superior world "and again" the magician, would operate through symbols and metaphors of an absolute reality that is beyond the visible, and therefore, starting from nature, can come to know this invisible sphere (ie metaphysics) through the knowledge of the mathematical structure which is the symbolic-metaphorical foundation of nature itself »

Finally the Renaissance arrived and the magician is no longer seen as a negative form linked to the devil and this allowed me to quitely study. The purpose of magic, as of science, is to make nature the reign of man, that is to transform it to the advantage of man. Nature is regulated by mysterious forces. Magic is a secret knowledge that should not be divulged, while science is an objective knowledge, universal and visible to all.

The panorama of the magic of our days is very varied and difficult to systematically analyze, especially because of the syncretistic coacity that characterizes most of today's magical, esoteric and occultist doctrines. With the term magic very often we tend to indicate everything that is not scientifically explainable. From most people, however, magic is seen as a distinct and separate thing from science, so it tends to attribute to it all the phenomena it can not understand. Magic science generally acts through symbols, be they words, thoughts, figures, gestures, dance or sounds, and various instruments. However, it is usually stressed that the primary tool of magic is the operator's mind and everything else is needed to better focus its intent.

Today I live, applying in the normal life, the psychological techniques acquired with the experience of magic techniques. Normality and magic have become inseparable elements of my person, giving me energy and charisma in every daily necessity ... and I have arrived here if from Queen Teodolinda ... will there be a reason?