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Eric P. Meljac, Ph.D.

About Eric Meljac

Dr. Meljac is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, where he earned a B.A. in English in 2000 and an M.A. in English in 2002 from John Carroll University. He is honored to have been a student at the 32nd session of the School of Criticism and Theory offered by the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University in 2008. In 2013, Dr. Meljac earned his Ph.D. in Literature and Criticism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Amarillo, Texas.
Dr. Meljac's favorite effects are those that are highly visual, close-up, and utlimately mysterious. He is a fan of mentalism and any kind of baffling conjuring that happens right under the noses of the spectators. While he does not perform professionally, he always carries a deck of ESP cards with him, and he's well-known for impromptu card effects at parties. More than anything, however, Dr. Meljac likes to be fooled. A big fan of "Penn & Teller: Fool Us," Dr. Meljac enjoys when he, like Penn & Teller, is completely fooled by a magician or mentalist. The wonder of how someone accomplishes an effect means more to Dr. Meljac than being able to perform an effect.
His interest in conjuring was born early when he saw, very early in his childhood, Doug Henning perform a torn-and-restored card trick on a television show. He then took, as many did, a great interest in David Copperfield, and grew up trying to model himself after these two magical giants. His favorite routines to perform are Aldo Colombini's "Diminishing Oil and Water," Roberto Giobbi's take on the Dai Vernon classic "Triumph," Gary Ouellet's "Dream of Aces," and the wonderful "Broken and Restored Thread." He is also an expert on a Zener Test condition and has developed an auspicious “Out of This World” exhibition. To wit, he has begun to move to mentalism as the focus of his demonstrations.
Meanwhile, in the realm of other effects, Dr. Meljac is rehearsing a challenging “Cards Across” routine that is testing the limits of his always-developing card manipulation techniques. He is also refining his version of Wayne Dobson’s “The Key.” Additionally, Dr. Meljac is perfecting a brand new "Card to Wallet" effect, one which he finds the most convincing and clean of all card to wallet effects he as ever seen.
He is a kid at heart.