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Eric P. Meljac

About Eric Meljac

Eric’s magical interests reach in many directions, though recently he has taken a turn to effects that tackle an individual’s emotive or psychological experiences. A fan of Luca Volpe, Menny Lindenfeld, and Max Maven, Eric has taken to studying how to make mentalism or mental effects meaningful, inspirational, and mysterious.


He also has a keen interest in studying the very many versions of Paul Curry’s “Out of This World,” and he has a vast collection of videos and books that focus on this effect alone. He also studies the many takes on Roy Walton’s “Card Warp.”


Eric also seeks out new adaptations of classic magical effects. He’s always on the lookout for innovation, whether it be as simple as a new sponge ball routine or as complicated as a multi-phase psychometry routine.


He performs mainly—almost exclusively—for his friends and students (he is a college professor), and when he can, he often offers a holiday “show” as a gift to his dear friends in his neighborhood.


He is a kid at heart and a fool with his paycheck, so he’s always collecting the newest, neatest effects, videos, and books. His collection of effects, indeed, outweighs his ability to perform them all—though he often tinkers with several effects at once to put together small routines for social media, particularly since the onset of social distancing. Virtual performances are his cup of tea, for while teaching does not rattle his nerves, performing live certainly does.


But always, always a kid at heart.