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Learn The Art Of Sleight-of-Hand

If you want to study Magic, a good teacher is your best resource.

About Eddie Edwards


Eddie is currently accepting new students.


Learn the techniques, developed over centuries that will enable you to astonish someone with ordinary things you find lying around. You don't need to buy expensive props to make an impression.


Here are some of the benefits that can be gained through these lessons: 


  • Boost confidence: Students learn some impressive magic which they can use to amaze their friends and family. The immediacy of sleight-of-hand magic makes it an effective ice-breaker in social situations. 
  • Develop self-discipline: Sleight-of-hand magic requires practice. Students are taught how to practice effectively. These techniques can be applied across many disciplines including academic study, sport and music.
  • Improve communication skills: Magic lessons help children to think from another person's perspective, and consider how they are feeling. Students are taught to think about what they want to say and how to say it simply and clearly.
  • Heighten critical Thinking: How can two people look at exactly the same thing yet see two completely different things? How do the media use magical techniques to influence people? These questions are raised and discussed.
  • Increase creativity: Students are taught how to create and develop original ideas by using brainstorming and mind mapping techniques.
  • Develop manual dexterity: Practicing Sleight-of -hand is like a workout for your hands. Nimble fingers and strong hands are very useful tools to have at your disposal.
  • Reading comprehension: Some very fine books are in print, written by past and present Masters. These books require concentration to be fully understood. Reading them will increase your ability to follow complex written instructions.



If you want to begin your journey on the Royal Road to Magic,
contact Eddie on 0439 893 709.


 *Students must be at least 10 years of age. Students under 16 should be accompanied by a supportive adult.



"When it was my birthday my Pop gave me a piece of paper that was a voucher for 4 magic lessons. I was very excited and surprised when I first saw it. First I thought I was going to a school but it was at Eddie's house. I really liked your tricks that you taught me. I have been practising them. If you wanted to do magic tricks you would find Eddie's lessons really good, but even if you don't [particularly like magic, you would still find it interesting and something new, and I think you would come to love doing magic. I thought Eddie was a good teacher and I really loved the tricks he taught me." - Harrison, aged 10

"I found Eddie Sikorski to be very accommodating in the planning and administering of his lessons.  He arranged a voucher for me with no problems, and when my grandson was ill, he gladly rearranged his lesson schedule in consultation with me.  His lesson were always planned and noted, and he was very understanding of my grandson's ability level and worked towards that.  For a child who wants to learn some basic magic which still incorporates some quite spectacular tricks for others to witness, Eddie's lessons would be worthwhile and would achieve that goal." - Peter (Harrison's Grandfather)

"I recently hired Eddie to critically review several of my performances. Not only did he give me great notes on the material I was débuting, he also gave me valuable fresh insight into material I’ve been performing professionally for many years. Drawing from his vast specialist knowledge and practice in sleight of hand, I have been able to successfully fine tune my new work, and add extra polish to my previous repertoire. I would happily recommend Eddie to anyone, from beginner to pro, who was seeking instruction, critique or direction in their magic, and I look forward to working with him on future projects." - Keith Keller