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Short Bio of how I got started:

Dr. Michael Holt (Doc Magi) started his magical career as a result of the need for money for Angel Flight of Georgia. In 2001 after the events from September 11th I was on the board of directors and a volunteer pilot for the charity organization. They were the first to be authorized to fly rescue flights to New York City. That first week was a tremendous financial strain on the organization and we chose not to ask for donations to help. Everyone else was asking for money so we decided not to at the time. After the first couple weeks I was back at work and traveling to a meeting in Florida with the company I was working for. During a break I noticed a magic shop accross the street from our conference hotel and thought why not check it out. Maybe I can find something to use at air shows and to perform to raise money for Angel Flight. Not doing anything small I walked out with the whole set of VHS tapes, and props to use to learn magic. I went home to Georgia at the time and told a friend that owned a club about what I was planning and he said "Let's do a Show on New Years Eve to raise money then!" Not wanting to back down from a chance to raise money I said OK. I had two months to learn magic and put on a show. I did the show and from there other people started to ask me to perform and help out. At first it was only charity work and within a year it started to become a full time adventure. I traveled to Las Vegas to learn stage hypnotism and opened up a corporation in 2003 focusing on the business of entertainment. In 2003 I moved to California and in 2014 moved back to New York my home to concentrate on entertainment and have fun performing at parties and events.

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