private and corporate magic

picture David Blanco´s Magic can be enjoyed in diferent ways:

STROLLING MAGIC (mix and mingle):
It is an act performed to small groups at a time. David will move smoothly from one area to another providing unusual mobile entertainment moments.
David Blanco´s Stroling Magic is extremely versatile. It can be used anywhere, where people are gathered for a formal or informal occasion. No technicals requirements.
It can be done in events where the meal is served buffet or cocktail style as well at on existing tables where David coordinates perfectly with the service.

This is a 15 to 60 minutes long show.
As versatile as Strolling Magic, David could perform it in the intimacy of a small room with capacity for 30-40 people or in a big stage with capacity for 3000 people amplified with a big screen.
This show has a big impact due to the mind reading effects, which gave David Blanco his 1st Prize in mental magic (mentalism).

Companies do hire David Blanco due to his background as an importer-exporter and his marketing knowledge.
David, at your request, in a subtle way will place in people minds the benefits of your products and services at the same time that performs his magic effects with his presentations customised toward your company.
It does not matter if is a formal gathering, a presentation or an exhibition, your company or your product will be remembered.
David will adapt his shows to create one that perfectly suits your requirements.