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About Dave Thomen

Dave Thomen became interested in magic when he was 9 after watching legendary performer Harry Blackstone Jr. The great Blackstone made a light bulb float onto the stage, made an elephant magically appear – and made a lasting impression on his young audience member. “I’ll never forget that,” Thomen said. “It was one of the most magical nights of my life.”

Thomen started a magic club at his Middle School and learned his great skill at improvisation in those early days. During an outside performance as a teenager, a dove he used as part of his show flew into a tree. The audience thought it was part of the act. Thomen, adapting on the fly, said the dove was fired. The crowd laughed. “I never did get the dove back,” Thomen said.

Dave Thomen of D’s Magic has been performing professionally since 1994. Prior to becoming a full-time performer, he utilized his Business Marketing education to launch a successful career in recruiting, sales training, human resources and public speaking. Today, Dave has a broad entertainment background to include customized magical presentations in professional settings. He truly provides Entertainment for Everyone, performing regularly for employees and celebrities from the boardroom to the ballroom. His company, D’s Magic represents other variety entertainment for an impressive list of clients.