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About Darryl Charles

Who is the man behind the magic? Meet Darryl Charles, a captivating showman with a passion for the mysterious.

 As a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) and The Academy of Magical Arts, housed inside the renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, Darryl Charles has performed for thousands of this exclusive club's guests, as well as private and corporate events all over the West Coast. Now, he invites you to delight guests at your next event, as you take this memorable, magical journey together.

Darryl Charles shares thrills, laughter, romance and mystery, all bound in one mind-blowing performance, bursting with audience participation. Your guests become the stars, and they will be talking about your event for months to come!

Perhaps his own audience says it best:

"On stage and in his element, Darryl Charles is the ethereal assemblage of magician, bank teller, mentalist, marriage counselor, doting grandfather, pool-room hustler and hotel concierge. After a recent, otherworldly performance, I didn't know whether to introduce him to my sister or check to see if my wallet was missing."
Craig Leener, Sports Writer/Author

Intrigued? Large or small group. Private celebration or corporate event. Reach out to Darryl Charles today, to transform your next event into a magical experience, tailored for you!