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The Magic Of Christopher Urso

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About Christopher Urso

 My name is Christopher Urso. I am 31 years old and  I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Acutally, I am an Arizona native. I specialize in close up magic and some street magic. I started doing magic right after college in 2008 and had to take a break after 2009 due to a career change and because of school. I started back up again  late in December of 2017 and and have done several shows. I try to get my name out as much as possible, when time permits, since I work full time in the education field. I love doing magic because it is such a unique art and it makes me happy. Also, I love to see peoples reactions when I perform an illusion.  I would have to say my biggest influences are Criss angel, David Blaine, and Rocco Silano.