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About Cory Haines

"CORY DOES NOT JUST PERFORM MAGIC, HE IS MAGIC." - Steve Boaden, Director, Masque Theater "A MASTER OF HIS CRAFT." - Sue Caputo, Owner, Zu Zu's Wonderful Life, Inc. Award winning magician Cory Haines combines conjuring, story telling and drumming to create unique mystery entertainment. Cory does not present mere tricks. Rather, he takes the audiance on an unforgettable magic journey. He has performed in venues around the country, including renasainance faires, Las Vegas showrooms, the stages of major cruise lines, corporate events and convention centers. He has been a finalist and award winner in several major national competitions, including the Monster Magic Video Contest sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks and Street of Cards Independent Television, and the Howard Adams script writing contest sponsored by Leaping Lizards Publications. (The award winning routine will be featured in an upcoming Leaping Lizards publication.) When Cory performs his audiance is called upon to participate in the amazing events that will surround them, engaging in an incomperable magical experience. With minimal technical requirements and affordable packages to suit your event, Cory Haines Magic is the perfect entertainment choice. Contact: Email: CORYHAINESMAGIC@YAHOO.COM Phone: (518) 426-8993