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Approachable Comedy Magician And Amazing Comedy Hypnotist

The Success of Your Event is My Business.

About Christian P Taylor

 Christian P Taylor, aka Chris P Tee, has performed on stage since the age of 5 yrs and been a Magician since the age of 7 yrs.

To be perfectly honest, he hasn't improved much.

Just as silly and childish, his tricks are about the same, but he is slightly taller.

For years he entertained audiences under different stages names, trying to find one that suited him, until he realised that he quite likes his own name and started using it.

A published author of the book "A Strange Way to Stage Hypnosis: The Honest Hypnotists Guide" thanks to 30 years experience as "The Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bloke in a White Coat, Chris Doc Strange"

In Sep 2018, he won the Kidology, "UK Children's Entertainer of the Year 2018" Competition, although not a big fan of entering competitions, he was amazed he won that one. His puppet "Cheeky Chops" says "It's my fault you won, without me, you'd just be a grown man who plays with dolls"

Christian is married with two children, two cats and three daft dogs (Terriers).

Very busy at weekends entertaining kids at Birthday Parties by day and Adult shows at night with either Magic, Comedy or a very funny Hypnotist show (As Chris Doc Strange)

As an Actor, Christian has been in many movies that you've never heard of and most recently in an Satirical Play about the mistake that is Brexit "Beyond the Brink" and his favourite role so far in the 2019 Pantomime "Jack and the Beanstalk" as the Dame "Mary Trotters" which he had to dress up in drag and too much make up. He finds he likes that sort of thing.

Christian was flown out to Mumbai, India last February and now has an Indian Management Team: "Magic D'Elite" who take care of his bookings over there. He travels far and wide and needs nothing more than his hand luggage to take what he needs to perform 2 x 45 minute shows, Close up Magic and his 1 hour Comedy Hypnotist Show. Though he will have to wear the same clothes he travelled in. OK, so maybe a small check in bag, for his socks

He can be contacted by calling +447976884254 by phone or WhatsApp