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Charlie Gott, Gospel Illusionist

and his "Truth-Full Trix"

About Charlie Gott

Personal History In 1961, I committed my life to Jesus Christ and Holy Bible. Realized that this commitment meant telling others that Jesus Christ loves them. I was timid about doing this until I met Ted Angell presenting Gospel Magic at a youth gathering at the Church I was attending. I thought this would be a good tool I could use to accomplish my commitment to tell others. In 1962 I became aware that I lived next door to Thomas Gzell (alias Magician Tom Zell). I talked to him about it and he invited me to the Convention Banquet & Performance of The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians here in San Diego. He gave me a book to read about History of Thurston, Kellar, Houdini, and other great magicians and explained theory and psychology of misdirection. It also had two pages of pictures of manipulating a coin in both hands. I learned the manipulation and then showed my newly learned talents to Ted Angell who became my Mentor. He advised me to join the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Armed Forces Magician’s Association. I have performed for scout Troup’s, children’s parties, Parties for US Postal Service people, on naval ships, for Recruits at Naval Training Center and Chapel at Miramar NAS, various Servicemen’s Centers and Churches in California, Oregon & Washington. I perform every year for Local Blood Drive functions and try to perform frequently at our local Ring 76. Through the years Magic has not only been a valuable tool for me it has become a great hobby. As a GOSPEL MAGICIAN I’ve committed myself to reaching the lost and encouraging the growth of the body of Christ through my talents, diligently seeking, Through all possible means to become a better performer with these talents and carefully upholding the code of ethics of the International brotherhood of magicians. Realizing that my type presentations are not popular with everyone, I am grateful to members of Honest Sid Gerhart Ring 76 for accepting me 3 years ago.