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Charlie Cadabra

Cincinnati's FUN-tastic Magician

About Charlie Cadabra

What makes Charlie Cadabra unique?

My name is Charlie Cadabra, and I have had the privilege of bringing fun and laughter to children for over 30 years performing magic shows for children and families! 


I was thrilled to get a magic kit for my 10th birthday.  As a teenager, I did magic shows mostly for family and friends.  I learned how to build routines, entertain and not just do “tricks.”  After getting a B.A. in Psychology and a stint in the Navy, I became a professional family children’s entertainer.


“I thought you did a very nice job. As a parent who has hired you twice, the thing that stands out is that you’re very professional and kind. You really seem to enjoy what you do. Your show is always moving to keep the children’s interest/attention. I love that you include every guest and involve them in your various tricks. Music, sound effects, and microphone are all positive additions. Thank you Very, Very much!” – Jenny Rohlfer


I love performing and entertaining children of all ages!  Many magicians are challenged to keep a group of children entertained for 40-45 minutes.  Why?  Because too many magicians use material that is not age-appropriate, doesn’t involve the children, and/or have an “I fooled you” attitude.


Children want to have fun and participate in the show.  When children are not engaged and enjoying the show, they lose interest, get restless, bother the other kids and disrupt the show.


“We were at a birthday party my daughter was invited to that had booked a different magician. The other magician was good, but related more to the adults than the kids and his tricks were hard for the kids to follow.  We are so glad that we booked you instead because you performed at the kid’s level!” - Teresa Klein


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I am a grandfather with seven (7) grandchildren, ages 1 – 11, and they are fantastic critics when trying out new material!  My grandchildren are quick to tell me, “that’s boriiiiiiing” or “do that again!”  Naturally, only the tricks with a “do that again” approval rating ever make it into my magic shows for children!


After performing thousands of magic shows for children and families, having grandchildren, and obtaining a degree in Psychology, I understand how children think.  I know what will make them laugh; keep them engaged and involved with the tricks; and how to entertain them.


“As one parent put it ‘I never knew kids could laugh and squeal so loudly!’” – Susan Afanuh