About Brian Role'
International Magician & Illusionist

picture Brian Role', a full-time professional magician and illusionist currently located in Malta and strategically available for performances all over the world. His performances range from Close Up Magic for all sorts of events to stage magic for theatre, resorts, and ships.

Brian has performed shows in many countries across the world including Spain, Italy, India, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany United Kingdom, Dubai, Qatar, Mexico, and China, and of course all around Malta and Gozo. Brian has been part of most all major local events in Malta and Gozo and also runs his own Magic Dinner Theatre Show, The Chamber of Mysteries.

Having appeared on TV stations in many variety show programs he was resident for at least 3 entertainment TV series, appeared as a guest several times, and also appeared in adverts shown regularly. Brian Role` has performed in theaters, on cruise ships, and in hotels among other establishments since 1999 ensuring a solid base experience together with the professionalism to deliver a performance that is memorable, entertaining, and of value.

Brian Role' is also a member of the Magic Circle of London and the Society of American Magicians.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Brian Role` should you wish to engage him for your next event.