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Branden Landers Close-up Comedy Magician And Illusionist

There is little difference between magic and art

About Branden Landers

 Branden Landers is an extraordinary close-up comedy magician and Illusionist. Branden Landers has been practicing and perfecting his art since he was very young at the age of 12. Fast forward 8 years later and now he has the experience needed to be a professional magician. He has a growing love and non-stop passion for magic itself. Branden never stops learning whatever he can of his art. There is no entertainer as passionate and creative as Branden. He has the ability to tailor any of his show to not just go along with the event, and say something about it here and something about it there, but to actually embody the sole purpose and theme to impact everyone participating in a very unique and fun way. Speaking of fun Branden Landers is quite the comedian. He is able to take an entire crowd of people, no matter the number, and make everyone; even the most stern quiet person, fall out of their seats laughing at what they had all witnessed. If you’re wondering whether Branden Landers is a good fit for your event or not, you must first ask yourself the right question. Do you want someone so passionate and dedicated to his work he spends every waking moment practicing and perfecting his craft, creating his own unique style? A man so creative he can make everything he does somehow embody your very important theme? Whom of which, is so outrageously funny you will literally have everyone falling out of their seats laughing so uncontrollably they can’t help it? Someone that makes you look like the hero to your boss, your spouse, your children, for hiring such an incredibly professional entertainer that everyone will enjoy and won’t get enough of. If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions please contact him now right here. Just simply click on the contact this member and get all of the details. By emailing him and asking. If you need any testimonials or want to see some of what he can do, check out the social media sites Branden Landers is associated with. Branden eagerly waits to hear from you.