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Bill The Great (Bill Rabe)


The magic team of Karl and Bill Rabe. See full profile here.


Bill Rabe has been performing magic since 2010. Bill is an avid athlete and participates in Special Olympics Basketball, Golf, Track, Floor Hockey and Softball. In 2010, Bill and Karl were recruited to perform in a Talent Show to benefit Special Olympics.  Karl's interest in Magic was resurrected and a 9 month long effort to craft a unique magic act that would showcase Bill began. The result, "The Perverse Linking Rings" was probably their finest work to-date. The Bottle & Glass Trick may one day top that. Only time will tell.

Bill's natural charisma and Karl's natural ability to mess up tricks have made them a unique duo. They have been often compared to Penn and Teller; not compared favorably, but compared none the less.  This is mostly because both Bill and Teller rarely speak on stage.


As Karl likes to proclaim, he is The Greatest Magician on the Planet -- and as Bill likes to counter, Bill is The Greatest Magician on the Stage. One of them is most certainly right, and it isn't Karl.