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About Joseph DiPietro


“Big Joey Magic Showy”(pronounced Sho-Wee) is an award-winning professional magician, sleight-of-hand expert, comedian, and entertainer. He has been mastering the art of prestidigitation (Fancy word for magic) since the young age of 8. He worked at Exclusive Magic at the age of 14 and Annies Costume and Magic at the age of 16 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He managed Wizards Apprentice Magic Shop at the age of 18.


His unique style of fast paced, in your face, disappear without a trace, magic and comedy will have you and your guests on the edge of your seat. He has performed for countless celebrities and fortune 500 companies.

No two of his shows are the same unless you want them to be. I use years of professional acting skills to cater a “theme” of your choosing. I aim to please and I never aim low. Whether you are booking me for a stand-up magic show, strolling close-up magic, or having me host your party as a professional MC, you and your guests will be entertained from start to finish.