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 Magic In the Classroom

If you are looking for an educational way to bring fun into the classroom, why not try your hand at scorcery? Using the oldest artform in the world children get the opportunity to learn simple illusions they can use to impress their friends and family. The students also enjoy a magic show aimed specifically at school-age children from K - 12


                                       Social Gatherings and Parties

Looking for a different type of entertainment for your party? Bring magic into the lives of your friends and colleagues with a professional magician capable or walk around close-up magic or a formal magic show perfect for an adult audience.


                                       Restaurants and Table Magic

Whether its a Restaurant or a fomal catered event, give your guests dinner and a show. walk around table magic provides an intimate show while dinners are eating or waiting for thier meal. this type of magic can be tailored to suit any age and occasion.