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Illusionist Axe

About Aakarsh Bhat

 Aakarsh. S. Bhat, also known as Axe in the US, is a software engineer by qualification. He first explored the art of illusion at the age of 10. But at the age of 16, he took the art as a serious hobby. Like most illusionists, he was inspired by the TV shows of performers from the west. He set off on a journey to explore the world of mystery and he aimed at making the art an up-close and personal experience to the common man.


In his 12 years of experience, he has done shows to audience ranging from random people on streets to top IT professionals and film stars. For two years, his deceptive illusions, hypnosis and theatrical pickpocketing skills have bamboozled a lot of fans across US, Mexico and the Caribbean.