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About ARNOLD Rabin

Aloha; THE ARNELEO STORY Arneleo, aka: Arnie Rabin, has been delighting Kona audiences for the past 50 years. A day does not go by that he has not at least done one, small improvisational show for somebody. He was bitten by the "magic bug" at age 5, when he given a magic kit as a present. The serious study of the art began when he needed an illusion to be part of a theatre production. He then realized that a magic act was the media that utilized all he had ever learned in performance and visual arts. Arneleo is recognized by his fellow magicians, as a leader in the magic community of Hawaii. He is a member of the Order Of Merlin. He has been a key player in producing "The Magic Spectacular" since its inception, 34 years ago. This year he is serving as President of The Big Island Magic Club. He has been a magic consultant, performed for numerous luaus, parties, charity benefits, corporate functions; and taught magic classes. He has invented numerous magic routines. "Triple Rotation", a close up card routine was published in "The Linking Ring", the official journal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. His "day job" is owner and Principal Broker of A Real Estate Concern-Hawaii Inc.. He sometimes is called upon to use his magic in closing real estate transactions. This March, our club will be producing the "29th ANNUAL MAGIC SPECTACULAR" AT THE ALOHA THEATRE IN KAINALIU, KONA, HAWAII. Please contact me if you would like to attend. If you have a world class act, we may want you to perform!!! Check out my Shtick: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJGpNxsjtIhFMqfscwotpjw?view_as=subscriber