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Enjoy the cavalcade, mystery and mirth of an ancient and arcane art.

About Anthony Kolb

     Anthony started in magic as a young boy, when he pestered his father for a few dime store novelty tricks.   After a few months of practice and many shows in front of the family, his Father took him down to Barlow, Kentucky and introduced him to Richard Price a semi-retired professional Magician.  Richard became Anthony's first mentor and helped him set up his first stage shows which launched him into a professional career at the age of eight.  Anthony continued to perform professionally though out his childhood, high school and early college years.  After joining the Army in 1985 and returning from his first overseas assignment in 1988 he learned that his Mother and Father had gotten rid of all his props as a result, his professional career took a back seat to life for a few years.  

     In 2002 he was reunited with another former mentor.   Magician and motivational speaker, Bill Coomer from Cape Girardeau, MO.  By then Anthony had left the Army and was serving on active duty with the U. S. Navy in Southwest Asia.  Bill had spent most of the two weeks Anthony was stateside for his Son's wedding reigniting Anthony's interest in magic.  Bill just happened to slip a CD inside the briefcase before the return flight to Bahrain, the CD had over 50 books on magic, great reading material for a Deployed Sailor.  Anthony began performing again while overseas.  In 2003 Anthony transferred to Naval Station Great Lakes, where he continued to perform for under priviledged children.  


     The next 15 years were spent traveling around the world, busking and performing at social events, roll call, guard mounts and anywhere he could.  With military retirement looming around the corner, in 2014 Anthony and his wife Julie opened Kolb Web Incorporated, a publishing and entertainment business.  Julie published her first book that same year and Anthony publishes in blogs, newspapers, magazines and trade journals.  In 2016 Anthony began performing at Julie's book signings, and other social and civic events.  Anthony has also been a member of both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magicians for many years and continues to build his business and put smiles on peoples faces around the world.  He is available for most business, civic, private and social affairs.