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About Leland & Anita Eiben

WELCOME to  Magic Lee & Nita's Puppet Progression. Words used to describe their magic include "Impossible", "WOW", and "Simply Amazing". Their blend of magic, puppetry, and juggling keep their audience wanting them to come back for more. Leland likes all kinds of magic, but trys to stay away from your typical card effects. He uses ropes, coins, balls, water, bubbles, thimbles, silk handkershiefs, etc.... They have performed their magic in skits or scenarios such as a dentist talking about tooth decay, a waiter who proposes to a lady customer, or a show with a theme that focuses around the histroy of a town. Just recently we have a new member. His name is "Rawlee". Rawlee is a magical English Sheepdog. We have a whole new show centering around him. Other puppett guest have made an appearances such as a fox named "Loxey" and a rabbit named "O'Hare". Then we have a dog with no name, it is up to the audience to give it a name.