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 Hi Everyone,

   Like many I'm sure... my Grandfather was the one that instilled magic into me. He taught me magic and how to perform. Luckily for me, he was also a professional magician and craftsman. He not only performed often but he built his own illusions and also for many others. Alcorn's Studio of Illusions started with Col. Gene Alcorn II, my Grandfather. My Dad (Gene Alcorn III) worked along side my grandfather until Grampa passed in 1981. Dad, along with his brother Hugh, continued the business of building stage illusions after 1981, keeping the magic alive until my Dad passed in 2014. Alcorn's Studio of Illusions is proudly working on revitalizing the family business. Over the years my Dad taught his craft to me, Gene Alcorn IV. So recently I decided to take the helm and hopefully there are still many magicians yearning to own a quality handcrafted illusion.