The Magic of Alan Leeds
High Energy Magic

picture Alan Leeds became interested in magic after assisting Shari Lewis’s father at a community magic show when he was 10 years old. The “trick” was a cut and restored tie routine, and when Alan saw how it was done, he thought, “I could do that!”

From magic books to membership in magic organizations such as the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), Alan developed his craft by sharing ideas and techniques with other magicians.

Over the years, Alan has performed across the United States in a variety of settings. Ranging from corporate events & trade shows for companies such as Cisco Systems & Caterpillar Financial to government organizations and venues such as Sheldon, Iowa’s Centennial Days and Alameda County Department of Public Works strategy offsite, to high school grad nights, and private parties, he has amazed crowds large and small.

Alan specializes in “close-up” magic, where the audience is literally inches from his hands, and is entertained by such tricks as cutting fingers off hands, swindles such as 3 card Monte, and gambling routines (using his money).